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My name is Gal, and I like to code stuff.
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    So, tell us about yourself!
    I'm years old, kickin' it in Tel Aviv, Israel. I've been a developer for years, and it's still pretty damn fun. I am currently working as a full-stack developer at Cedato.
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    And eh... what do you do?
    • Full-stack development
      Full-stack development
      Mobile-first and responsive websites, based on HTML5, CSS3 and JS, and integrated with Angular, ReactJS or VueJS as the front-end, ExpressJS or PHP as the back-end and MongoDB or SQL as the database.
    • Games development
      Games development
      Desktop & mobile cross-platform games in C# or HTML5 (Canvas-based).
    • C# development
      C# development
      Desktop applications in C#.
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